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I (don’t) want to be stereotyped. I (don’t) want to be classified.

What am I?

Am I a journalist? Am I a content designer? A digital strategist? A teacher? A trainer? A producer? An editor?

Am I someone who starts a blog post with nine questions?

It would be easier to market myself as one thing or the other – easier for me, and certainly easier for the people who might buy my services.

But, I am all of these things. And I look forward to being even more things in the future. I don’t want to restrict myself to one role just because it fits neatly on a LinkedIn profile.

I love developing new skills, putting them to good use, and helping other people develop them too.

When I’m finding a solution to a problem – my favourite thing – I draw on my varied experience across all fields I’ve worked or participated in.

I’ll go into more detail in later blog posts, but for now I just want to clear this up: I’m not trying out a bunch of things ‘until I find my niche’, even though that’s what all the start-up workshops and career consultants say I should do.

Using my full range of skills and experience is what makes me good at what I do, whether that’s journalism, content design, digital strategy, teaching, training, production or editing. (Or anything else you think you’d like to work with me on – get in touch.)

The common thread? Taking something complex, and turning it into something the audience can understand and enjoy.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the title of this post, here you go: