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A radio reporter is questioned by the presenter as a way of explaining the story – either in the studio or on location. 

Title with the format:


For example, if the reporter Joe Bloggs is doing a two-way over Zoom on a story about an emergency plane landing, you would save it with the title:


A two-way could be up to 2’30”, and should be written by the reporter.

The reporter needs to write a cue (to be read by the presenter), an inline introducing the reporter, about two or three questions and their answers.

For example:


A plane had to make an emergency landing at Leeds Bradford airport.

It happened at about half past two this afternoon.

Joe Bloggs has been following developments.

Joe, what went wrong with the flight?

JB: Well it happened just a few minutes after take-off from Leeds Bradford. The Yorkshire Airlines flight YB895 was supposed to be going to Lanzarote, but the company says a bird flew into one of the engines…

Was anyone hurt?

JB: There were 170 passengers on board – plus crew – but it sounds like everyone was okay. The pilot managed to turn the Boeing 737 around and land it safely.

Some passengers have posted on Twitter, saying the crew handled it really well and kept most people calm.

What’s happening now?

JB: Well the Civil Aviation Authority tells us they will be investigating – we’ll keep you up to date with any developments there. Yorkshire Airlines says they’re getting passengers booked onto new flights so they will get to go on holiday, just a bit delayed and shaken.

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